As a Member of the Hellenic War Risks Club, you effectively enjoy part-ownership of the club and can have your say on how it is run as well as how your particular claims are handled.

Policy and strategic decisions

Run by the Members for the Members, the policy and strategic direction of the club and the cover it offers is determined by the Directors and implemented by the Managers.

Steered in the direction of what’s good for the insured rather than external stakeholders, the club has constantly evolved over its 50-year history to include new risks to Members as they have emerged.

Discretionary claims

Members who have a claim that does not sit squarely within the Rules have the opportunity to have a discretionary claim taken to the Board. If a discretionary claim reflects a new risk that has not been included in cover but should be moving forward, it will be upheld and the Rules will be evolved to include it moving forward.

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