Our Hellenic War Risks team are specialists, who only deal with this kind of policy. With over 100 years’ heritage, we have the experience and expertise you need to get the right cover in place, and real support should you need it. 

Making Contact

Email: We operate a teammail system to ensure constant attention to incoming messages and correspondence.  To avoid delay please use hwr@thomasmiller.com to email the war risks team.

Telephone: The Club's main contact number is +44 (0)1624 645210.  Alternatively select one of the functions in the right hand column of this page to identify the direct contact you need to get in touch with.

Our Proud Seafaring Heritage : Fact Five

400 BC: Athens owned one of the largest war fleets in ancient Greece. It had over 200 triremes (galleys) each powered by 170 oarsmen who were seated in 3 rows on each side of the ship. The city had over 34,000 oarsmen.

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