Members must follow / observe the terms of Rule 29 (Additional Premium). An Insured Owner is required to give the Association written notice before an Entered Ship proceeds to an AP Area. If notice is not given as required, the Entered Ship has no cover while in the AP Area.

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The ports, places, countries, zones and areas listed shall include all harbours, offshore installations and terminals unless otherwise stated.

With effect from 00:01 hours GMT on 1 January 2016, the Gulf of Aden / Southern Red Sea / Indian Ocean AP Area was amended, and now includes the waters enclosed by the following boundaries:

On the north-west, by the Red Sea, south of Latitude 15° N
on the west of the Gulf of Oman by Longitude 58° E
on the east, Longitude 65° E
and on the south, Latitude 12° S

The formal notice of this change is set out in Circular C5 2015. Please also see our AP Area Map for further information.

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