C5 2011 - Rates and Terms for the 2012 Policy Year

The Directors have decided that Members will pay 5% less for their annual war risks cover in 2012. The Directors' decision, taken at their meeting on 28 November, has been announced to Members in Circular C5 2011 which sets out in full the Club's rates and terms for 2012.

The rate reduction means that most Members will pay a gross rate of 0.01116% for their annual war risks cover in 2012. The gross rate will be reduced by 50% in respect of Hull Interests (Increased Value, Freight and Disbursements) and all Members will receive 20% commission on the gross rate. Members with fleets valued at $100 million or more will be allowed additional commission, the amount of which will depend on the fleet's total entered value as at 1 January 2012. Higher gross rates apply for cruise ships and passenger ferries.

The Directors recognise the importance of the level of the Club's reserves, which were $68.6 million at the end of 2010. The Club's sound financial foundations meant it was able to retain more risk in 2011, so that it could continue to provide cover in AP Areas such as the Gulf of Aden and the Indian Ocean at competitive rates, in spite of a number of Somali piracy claims over the previous three years. The 2011 operating result is expected to be positive, further strengthening the Club's position. To ensure the Club's rates remain competitive, reinsurance is in place to protect the Association's reserves.

In 2012, the Club will also continue to offer Members the option of war risks loss of hire insurance, including loss of hire caused by acts of piracy. Details are set out in Circular C2 2011.

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