Libyan air force threat to Misrata bound shipping

Press reports have quoted the commander of the Libyan Air Force, Brigadier Saqr Al-Jaroushi, as saying "any vessel or cargo ship approaching the port of Misrata would be targeted directly and immediately" as of Friday 9 January.

On Sunday 4th January, a Greek operated tanker, the MT Araevo, was attacked off the port of Derna by a Libyan air force jet and two of its crew were killed.  In August a similar attack at Derna was made on a Greek operated bulk carrier, MV Iron Baron V, although no casualties were sustained.

The threat of air attack has also led to the last commercial international airline services into Libya to be suspended.

The Club is monitoring the situation in Libya and will provide further updates when available.  At the time of writing the Libyan ports and coastal range are an AP Area.  Members whose ships intend to visit this area should contact the Club to obtain the latest terms for cover.

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